BIG presents: Roses & Thorns  “A sweet & spiky Improv Show“ Novedad

IMPRO SHOW - 80 min Inglés

BIG presents: Roses & Thorns  “A sweet & spiky Improv Show“

Desde 18 € (Club 12 €)

BIG are back with a sweet and spiky improv show to celebrate the highs and commiserate the lows! In Roses & Thorns the cast are joined by SPECIAL GUESTS to spin improv gold from your silver linings and justified whinings. An explosive evening of short form games & scenes based on your suggestions, as well as freewheeling freeform to make you think and make you laugh, awaits you!

BIG is Barcelona ́s premiere english-language improvised theatre company, bringing improv to Barcelona since 2011 and weaving audience suggestions into entire worlds of miraculous fun. From high-energy short-form games based on your suggestions to scenes, games and plays filled with never-before seen and never-to-be-seen-again stories and characters, each show is different from the last and you never know which adjectives will apply.


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  • jueves
    20:00 h
    12 €
    Club 12 €
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